In this game, you are a forager who lives in a small village settled deep in a remote forest.

The village contains nine foragers who survive by eating berries to boost their health .

Each day, the villagers set out on their own to find berries. Afterwards, they meet to vote on how to share the berries.

You will be one of the villagers and the other eight villagers will be played by the computer. The computer will make decisions for the villagers similar to how people make decisions in this game.

At the end of the game, you will earn 1 cent per point of your final health score. This money will be paid to you as a bonus through your panel company.

Searching for Food

Each day you search for berries by clicking on bushes.

Some days you find meager bushes and gather 25 berries, and some days you find lush bushes and gather 50 berries.

To be exact, you have a 50% chance of finding 25 berries and a 50% chance of finding 50 berries. The computer will use these chances to determine how many berries you find each day.

When you find berries, they will appear in your basket.



You will start with 60 health points.

Each day, your health decreases 35 health points from the energy your body consumes through metabolism.

You can add to your health points by eating berries. Each berry adds 1 health point.


Sharing and Voting

After the villagers collect berries, they hold a village meeting to vote on how to share them.

By custom, there are two options on the ballot:

The sharing rule that receives the most votes is enacted. The rule is automatically applied to all of the villagers by withdrawing berries from each villager's basket according to the rule.


Distributing and Eating

After voting, berries in the community basket are divided equally among the nine villagers and distributed to their baskets.

At the end of the day, each villager eats their berries to gain health points. Then they continue to the next day for a total of 10 days.



You can refer to these instructions at any point during the game by clicking the "Instructions" button.

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Robot Error %

Number of Rounds:

Rounds in game: 10

Bushes Searched Daily:

# of Bushes : 5

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