Title:   Do Citizens Understand the Benefits of Government? Experiments on Voting, Taxes, and Redistribution

Committee:   Peter DeScioli (Chair), Andy Delton, John B. Ryan, and Jason Barabas.

Summary:   Why do many voters oppose policies that could bring them benefits? My dissertation uses economic games I designed and programmed to test several hypotheses (for demos, see Software). For instance, do voters misunderstand who benefits from higher taxes? Do voters find it more intuitive when only the rich are taxed, and only the poor recieve benefits? And, do voters' perceptions of merit and luck depend on their own success?

Peer-Reviewed Publications
  1. Carter, B., and Del Ponte, A. (2022). Integrating web applications into popular survey platforms for online experiments. Behavior Research Methods. [pdf]
  2. Barabas, J., Carter, B., and Shan, K. (2020). Analogical Framing: How Policy Comparisons Alter Political Support for Health Care Reform. American Politics Research, 48, 596–611. [pdf]

Works in Progress
  • Do people understand who benefits from higher taxes?
    With Peter DeScioli and Alessandro Del Ponte
    (Manuscript in Prep)
  • Is it more intuitive to tax only the rich?
    With Peter DeScioli
    (Manuscript in Prep)
  • Do people's perceptions of merit and luck depend on their success?
    With Peter DeScioli
    (Data Collection & Analysis)